Point Of Sale

POS is the management process which allows you to manage your shop sales very easily and quickly with a fully web based interface. Its full integration with the company inventory and accounting, gives you real time statistics and consolidations amongst all shops without the difficulty of integrating several applications. It is compatible with all systems by offering multiple payment methods.


It encodes the sale fast..

It chooses any one payment method (the quick way) or split the payment between several payment methods.

The amount of money to return will be calculated

It allows the user to create an invoice automatically

It creates and confirms the picking list automatically.

Refund previous sales will also be computed.


It uses to check the availability of items on the fly and be able to support multiple tender transactions, including cash, check and credit card.

It helps to automatically looks up and sells items based on pre-set sales, quantity discount, and preferred price levels.

It helps you to target market and send promotions to customer based on purchasing history or other specific customer preferences.