Human Resource Management System

HRMS is the management process of an organization's workforce. It offers you wide range solutions for your human resource data management needs. HRMS can help you fulfill the potential and increase work efficiency while minimizing the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruiting, and performance management.

This powerful and easy to use HRMS software allows your HR team to start working more efficiently on utilizing their time and resource.


Access a single point of truth for all records and information about employees

Manage all types of absences, including paid time off and number of leaves.

Holidays defined will be automatically marked in attendance.

Management information system Reports and Fix price of the product depending on purchase price

Customizable Salary Heads like DA, HRA, Loan, Advance, PF, ESI, LWF, etc.

Prepare Weekly & Monthly Salary Statement For Various Types Of Employees.

Prepare Various Type of Reports that is required by Various Govt. Departments.

Bonus calculation facility, Facility for Salary Structure, Salary Revisions etc.

Facility for Leave approval of higher authority.

Can be integrated with Access Card / Bio Metric Systems

Maintain Employee Loan Issue & Automatic Deduction of Loans From Salary


An HRMS monitored by qualified specialists who know technology and HR functional and tactical processes can manage compliance with laws, streamline processes for recruitment and selection, and produce analyses, data and reports for internal and external use.

HRMS include the ease of use for qualification computer technology specialists, accuracy of information and the ability to perform HR audits using any combination of parameters.

The employee and manager self-service features are excellent ways to free up the time of your human resources staff members for project work and other duties

Employees and managers can locate answers and information quickly without the need to consult an HR representative every time.