Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a phrase used to describe a category of enterprise software that covers a broad set of applications and software to help businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships. It entails all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customer, whether it is sales or service-related.

VIYA CRM gives you a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, competitors and your sales force. This empowers you to develop customer-centric business strategies to serve and retain them better. You can boost sales by recording, integrating and analyzing information across pre-sales, sales and marketing teams and increase the rate of lead conversion into sales. The intelligence generated in the form of dashboards and reports enables you to gauge market trends make pro-active strategies to stay ahead of the pack..

CRM is often thought of as a business strategy that enables businesses to:

Track leads to sales closure and improve the opportunity win ratio Gain invaluable insights into customer preferences and develop customer-centric business strategies to serve and retain them better

Achieve greater sales opportunities to boost your organizational revenue

Understand and Retain the customers through better customer experience


Sales force automation consist of managing accounts, business contracts, forecasting sales and follow up sales activities..

Tracking, integrating and maintaining customer database.

Marketing manages email campaign and mass mailing

Security will be provided for user management


Interaction with other areas of the system, gives you a 'clear' view of the customer.

Maximizing opportunities and retaining high value customers enhances revenue and profit.

Provides value-added services enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Improves product development and service delivery processes.

Prepare your personnel with in-depth knowledge of the customer's needs.